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Live shopping at the heart of your customer Xperience

Live shopping is an essential lever to contribute to the major strategic challenge of humanizing digital customer journeys. Our Starshopper live commerce solution is much more than just a solution, it 's a technological solution combined with a range ofexpertise and know-how essential to your success: technological solutions, digital media planning , audiovisual production, social media management and data management!
Our objective is to accompany you on all or part of the live shopping value chain to enable you to take full advantage of the power of video to improve your transformation rate and your customer experience.



Live Shopping One-to-many

Gather a community of customers around a commercial event dedicated to one or more of your products relayed on your social networks and your website.

  • You and your ambassadors propose and plan the Live Commerce, and announce them on your networks and website.
  • Customers sign up for your live shopping event available in multi-stream
  • Show time! We accompany you on the line up of your live shopping, we coach your ambassador. You interact during the live with your community thanks to the chat and the moderators.
  • Once the live shopping is done, it remains accessible and is relayed on your social networks and your website with interactive replays.

Personal Shopping One-to-one

  • The customer chooses from among the proposed advisors, the advisor with whom he or she wishes to interact and the mode of communication
  • The ambassador receives a call, a notification on his mobile and interacts directly with the customer online

You benefit from a complete statistical report of the interactions carried out. The animation of your ambassador community is gamified!


Relax, we take care of everything!

Starshopper offers you a complete support in your live shopping experience with many services available.

  • A personalized media planning that will help you to make short, medium and long term projections.
  • A dedicated back office management team that will train you in the use of our solution.
  • A precise statistical follow-up (KPI's) that will allow you to adjust your live shopping strategy.

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