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Live Shopping: How to organize it?

    The commercial potential of live shopping is enormous. But you still need to know how to implement it and get the most out of it.

    "The conversion rates of live shopping in the live experience and in the replay are higher than 15 or even 20% (compared to an average of 2% on e-commerce sites)", says Benoît Cizeron, vice president of live commerce at iAdvize. says Benoît Cizeron, vice president of live commerce at iAdvize

    How to animate your Live Shopping?

    Surround yourself with specialized actors

    In addition to offering a "turnkey" solution, live shopping technology platforms such as Starshopper's live shopping solution provide brands with complete support and monitoring of their live events. Media planning, a team dedicated to the brand, back office management and precise statistical monitoring.

    "Live shopping cannot be created by itself: we must rely on technological players who ensure the feasibility of a fluid and integrated experience," explains Hélène Rautureau

    The live shopping solution can also offer support for the actual production of the live event with staging, work on the scenario, an influence campaign or team coordination.

    Work on its commercial animation

    With live shopping, the public's interest in your brand, your promotional offers and your products is multiplied. Moreover, the conversion rate, with worked commercial animations (live contest, special offers...) can only be increased.

    Finally, the viewers of the replays will be encouraged to participate in the lives in order to take part in these animations.

    Choose your broadcasting slot

    The broadcasting slot is an essential element to optimize your live.
    We notice that Saturdays and Sundays are the days where the broadcasting of a live shopping is the most followed.

    You should also be careful not to broadcast your live stream during an important and highly watched television event such as a popular show or an expected speech for example.

    Finally, we recommend not broadcasting on Fridays, a day when people get together with friends or family.

    Communicating and recruiting your audience

    Another essential element for an influential live shopping is information and broadcasting. Your audience needs to know about your events so that they don't miss out. It is therefore essential to promote on websites, social networks and even in-store if there are physical sales locations.

    This will create a real buzz and anticipation for your lives. On social networks like Facebook and Instagram, it is even possible to integrate countdowns.

    The animator, the key to the success of your live shopping?

    Should I use an influencer to animate my Live Shopping?

    Using an influencer can be a real sales boost on your live shopping. But, be careful when choosing an influencer, because since animation is an essential point, the influencer must be a reference in his field, and Internet users must trust him, which will encourage purchases.

    The objective of an influencer will be to improve the notoriety of the company and to increase the visibility.