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Live stories, we tell you all about live shopping

Once upon a time, live shopping was a new sales development lever that is transforming e-commerce and becoming increasingly widespread. But every retailer and brand has its own vision, challenges and strategy. Here are a few "Starlive stories" from Starshopper customers. They'll undoubtedly help you build your own!


JouéClub, live shopping for Retail Media

In 2021, in the midst of a health crisis at JouéClub as elsewhere, we had to react if we didn't want to lose the customer link! JouéClub decided to launch live shopping with Starshopper. Today, live shopping is an integral part of the brand's commercial activation strategy, and a structuring element of its Retail Media offering.

Starlive story JouéClub

JouéClub immediately decided to take a long-term approach, positioning its live shopping events as an essential meeting place for its community of customers to discuss toys and related advice. Live shopping events are broadcast on the brand's website and social networks using the Starlive live shopping solution.

Starshopper's teams helped JouéClub write a live shopping strategy and editorial line. This work was initiated in agile, co-creative mode. Work began on the show's branding, rhythm, tone, themes, guests and frequency. A first test was launched during the summer season, and a pilot in preparation for the big Christmas season.

A Starshopper team was mobilized to support JouéClub in writing, producing, directing and moderating each Live Shopping event. Thanks to Justine, Jules, Tom, Aurélie and Annaig!

Systematic media coverage

From the very first live show, the Starshopper team made JouéClub aware of the need for media coverage before, during and after the event. Media planning was therefore deployed, drawing on social networks, customer files and internal media (websites, e mailings). Influencers were also called upon on several occasions.
This budgetary investment was borne by the brand and helped to establish this sales event among JouéClub's community of customers and prospects.

A retail media solution

JouéClub's partner brands were quick to embrace live shopping. Lego, Disney, Playmobile... were among the first brands to take advantage of this shared commercial activation lever.
Starshopper's teams worked with the retailer and partner brands to write, produce, direct and moderate each of the lives, while respecting the standards of the retailer and partner brand.
Today, JouéClub's shopping lives are an integral part of the retailer's Retail Media catalog , and are all on sale!

The main results

  • 54 lives shopping
  • 30 to 50,000 views per live
  • 1000 to 2500 clicks per live
  • 1500 comments on average


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