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Our live shopping references

We accompany our customers on the whole value chain of live shopping! Conception, scripting, mediatization, analysis and optimization! Our objective is to help you gain in commercial performance by using a live shopping strategy that is meaningful and a source of added value.


Our customers Live Shopping Solution Starshopper


JouéClub stands out with StarShopper

JouéClub is a true precursor of Live Shopping in the French toy market. Find out how the French toy giant has managed to take advantage of this new sales channel.

Context: A necessary response

In 2020, containment creates a disconnect between stores and their customers. At JouéClub, we had to react quickly and efficiently. That's why Starshopper suggested to JouéClub to launch their own live shopping.

How do you continue to showcase JouéClub products and interact with customers and the community while offering an innovative format?

Starshopper has launched live shopping on Facebook with JouéClub, starting with one per month. A dynamic and humanizing video format to boost sales and highlight JouéClub's expertise while increasing social media KPIs. The goal was to recapture the in-store experience in digital.

The strategy

In order to launch the lives on social networks and then on the Joué Club website, we had to develop a brand branding around live shopping.

Our support

The first JouéClub live took place in March 2021 on the theme of Harry Potter. Our support included co-writing the live shows, creating the visual identity of the "Grand Live JouéClub", an influencer campaign, media planning , as well as moderating and hosting the live shows. Starshopper also helped JouéClub with the technical aspects of the live shows, such as coordinating the technical team and providing styling advice during the live shows. Subsequently, we have performed 10 lives in 2021 and more are planned for 2022.

The results

We are currently on a realization of 16 lives in 1 year and a half with JouéClub. With each new live, the numbers improve. We now have more than 30K views per live shopping, more than 40K impressions, nearly 1,500 comments, new subscribers and nearly 1,000 clicks per live.

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