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Become a Star of
Live Shopping

Your products and services are starred in video on your website and social networks


Starshopper Live Shopping

Live shopping is the perfect way to raise the profile of your products and services among your community of customers.

With our solution, you can quickly and easily take advantage of the power of video to boost sales and create a buzz on your website and social networks.

Discover Starshopper, your live shopping solution.

They make the stars!
Why not you?

Relax, we'll take care of everything!

It's hard to become a star!
We're here to help you build a strategy and deploy the material and human resources needed to make your liveshopping a real success in terms of customer relations and sales, and to help you become a live shopping star!

Strategic support

+ Audit and strategic analysis
+ Strategic live shopping KickOff
+ Branding live shopping
+ Digital media planning dedicated to lives
+ Tracking of Kpis and sales performance

Operational support

+ General organization
+ Technical team and equipment
+ Scriptwriting
+ Casting for presenters and/or influencers
+ Styling
+ Tool training
+ Moderation


Ready to become a live shopping star?

We can do it together! There's nothing complicated about it! We'll explain it all to you in a 30-minute video demo, and then we'll get started!

Your solution demo

A quick horrizon tour, showing you how Starshopper works and how easy it is to integrate.

We're talking live shopping strategy

After an audit of your video format to date, your first lives, and the strategies of your main competitors, we co-construct your live shopping strategy.

Sharing and projecting!

We'll tell you how our customers became live shopping stars, talk to you and plan the next steps!

The psychology behind live shopping

Live shopping has become incredibly popular in recent years, as more and more brands and retailers choose to embrace it. This...