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Live shopping to boost your sales performance


Starlive, your live shopping solution

Create an event on your e-commerce site and social networks, attract a new audience, build customer loyalty, boost sales performance... Starshopper is a technological solution that integrates quickly and easily into your e-commerce site, with no development required, enabling you to take full advantage of the leverage effects of live shopping to boost your sales.

Set up your lives

Easily set up and manage your shopping lives from your administration interface

Customize your display

Optimize and customize the interface for viewing your liveshopping on your website and social networks

Your mobile-first lives

Your live shopping interfaces can be accessed from any device, whether desktop, tablet or cell phone.

Stars products

Humanize and star your products with live shopping and encourage your customers to take action

Product management

Create, import or update your product repository from your website or feed aggregators (Lengow, Shopping Feed...).

Add to basket

Stashopper integrates with your e-commerce site, so your customers stay on your site and buy directly online.


From live to
"love shopping

Starshopper integrates quickly and easily into your e-business solution, with no development required. You'll love it, and so will your customers!


Broadcast your lives simultaneously on your internal website and on social networks. It's up to you to choose the distribution channel(s)

Easy moderation

Interact with your customer community and moderate exchanges during your lives


Regulate interactions and ban the perpetrators of deviant behavior during your live shows.


Comments, reactions, favorites. Your customers interact live with your brand and your products.

Plan your lives

Schedule your lives, and they'll be automatically relayed to your site, inviting your customers to sign up.

Privatize your lives

Organize private-access lives, reserved for subscribers and event registrants


Take advantage of replay and capitalize on your live performances

Your lives remain accessible on your site and your networks in replay. With your Starshopper solution, you'll be able to optimize their use at key contact points in your customer journey and on all your sales pages.


Replay to share

Relay your replays on your website, your networks and to your community of customers. Create your own live library!


You have access to a dashboard to follow your Kpis live and in replay.

Product showcase

Pop your products on your lives like your replays, and use the content of your lives to optimize your product sheets.


Ready to become a live shopping star?

We can do it together! There's nothing complicated about it! We'll explain it all to you in a 30-minute video demo, and then we'll get started!

Your solution demo

A quick horrizon tour, showing you how Starshopper works and how easy it is to integrate.

We're talking live shopping strategy

After an audit of your video format to date, your first lives, and the strategies of your main competitors, we co-construct your live shopping strategy.

Sharing and projecting!

We'll tell you how our customers became live shopping stars, talk to you and plan the next steps!