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Should you broadcast your live on social networks?

Video drives extraordinary engagement on all social media platforms. Interactive and engaging, video allows you to distribute content and attract the attention of your target audience. You improve your SEO and at the same time, your sales. In short, video content is a winning solution! So why not extend your Live Commerce strategy to your various social networks?

Social commerce and live shopping: what are the differences?

Live shopping

Livestream shopping, or simply live shopping, is a marketing strategy in which a presenter, usually an influencer or celebrity, promotes a product through a live video. This strategy is often compared to TV shopping shows where a person demonstrates how to use a product, but any engagement between the host and the audience is, as the name suggests, completely live.

Unlike traditional online shopping, potential customers who log in can ask questions or make comments, and the presenter(s) can address them while presenting a product. These "2.0 shows" are usually broadcast on the brand's e-commerce site and/or their social networks. In order to broadcast your live shopping on your e-commerce site, you need to use a live shopping tool. Do not hesitate to contact Starshopper's team.

Social commerce

Social commerce, not to be confused with live shopping, is the selling of goods or services on a social platform. This new form of e-commerce eliminates the traditional sales stages. There is no more waiting between the desire to buy and the purchase, everything is accelerated.

The objective is to present an image, a post or a story on social networks and allow the customer to buy instantly.

Social networks are in full transformation and are becoming real e-commerce platforms. That's why it is important to know how to use these networks in order to develop your business.

A study shows that " the average daily time spent on social networks is 2 hours and 23 minutes". Mark Zuckerberg has for example created Facebook shop, which offers a more direct buying experience than Facebook Marketplace or Instagram's professional pages.

Why broadcast your live shopping on your networks?

Beware, there is no question of broadcasting your live shopping only on social networks. Indeed, using a tool dedicated to live commerce allows you to maximize the results your strategy offers.

Indeed, with your own website, you can go beyond live. You can record and store all the live shopping, which gives the videos a longer shelf life. Live shopping broadcasts can be cut up and reused to create content for your social networks for example.

But complementing this strategy with a social media broadcast can give you real added value.

Change the shopping experience and increase sales

The objective is to allow your customers to improve but especially to accelerate their purchasing experience. The faster the purchase, the less hesitation there will be on the part of your buyers.

With the increased use of social networks and smartphones, by broadcasting on these platforms, you will increase your sales on mobile.

Improve image and brand awareness

Thanks to this new type of broadcasting, you will be able to considerably improve your brand image. Whether you have a small or large business, social networks will allow you to grow exponentially.

With the use of post and image rather than long promotional texts, you will increase interest and good impressions about your brand.

Social commerce or Live commerce?

The choice of online shopping platform will depend on your company's level of maturity in live shopping and what you want to achieve. What is your marketing strategy? Is your live shopping intended to sell/engage/bring awareness?

It doesn't have to be a choice. Make it a combined effort: if you decide to organize live shopping on your own website, use social networks to promote the event. Some live commerce solutions, such as Starshopper, will also allow you to broadcast simultaneously on social networks, thus improving overall performance.