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Live Shopping: The commercial animation to adopt for Christmas 2022

The most anticipated time of the year is coming! As we enter December, the search for gifts begins in full swing. And it's your turn to play! It's time for you to show your (future) customers your new products. To do so, nothing better than to adopt the leading animation of the next few years: Live Shopping. 

Why go live shopping this holiday season?

Live shopping, also known as live streaming, is coming to France and we're happy about that. Thanks to a unique user experience, your customers will be able to discover live and online the products they would like to acquire. Specific advantages are to be taken into account to adopt the new sales channel preferred by consumers.  

Increase and work on your notoriety at a strategic moment

First of all, the live shopping will definitely allow you to increase your notoriety, thanks to the implementation of a defined strategy. The Christmas period is known to be a traffic vector.

Take advantage of the excitement and develop your reputation through live shopping. In addition to positioning yourself on an additional sales channel, you will be able to mix entertainment with a more real experience. And what better time than Christmas to present your products and novelties through this impactful sales channel. 

Offer a different shopping experience from competitors

No more time constraints for your customers. Your products will be accessible directly on your live shopping. And this is exactly what will make the difference between you and your competitors. Practical, the live shopping gives the possibility to the busiest people to avoid going directly to the store.

We know it and you know it too, at the time of the end of the year, the number of advertisements and campaigns is multiplied by ten. It is thanks to and with live shopping that you will stand out at Christmas time. 

How to adopt live shopping for your Christmas sales strategy?

For your Christmas marketing strategy, there are many ways to use live shopping. With your brand experts and/or influencers, host an online event that's sure to make a splash. Discover for the occasion our case studies, the brands that have trusted us with the StarShopper solution.

The Advent calendar in live shopping

Every year, Christmas rhymes with the advent calendar. It's time to use the Starshopper solution to implement a new live shopping concept.

Your advent calendar is a commercial asset and allows you to highlight your uniqueness thanks to the products offered. New or flagship products of your brand, make your current and future customers dream thanks to live shopping. 

Influencers' Christmas

Influencers can have a positive impact on your audience. Indeed, bringing a familiar face to your audience can bring a sense of belonging and trust. And what better time than the holidays to organize a Christmas event that allows influencers to (re)discover your brand and your products? But above all, it allows them to tell their community about you. 

The Christmas live shopping that hit the spot in 2021

To start on the right foot, it is important to see what has already been done. Although recent, live shopping has already seduced prestigious brands that have taken this new communication method in its stride. Why not you?


For Uniqlo, the choice fell on two content creators called to animate their live shopping. Emilie Brunette and Pauline Privez gave gift ideas for Christmas. For the presentation, models were present to show the clothes worn. In addition, Uniqlo experts answered the different questions.

Their offer during the live shopping? The first 50 people to order for more than 50 € got a free scarf in their order.

Yves Rocher

Rather trendy on Instagram, Yves Rocher called on content creators Tinka and Chakeup to present its 2021 live shopping. The opportunity for the brand to present the range "Le jardin des curiosités". In the form of unboxing, Tinka and Chakeup opened several products.

During the live event on the platform, Yves Rocher gave away a dozen boxes. Here again, the brand shows us the importance of gifts to Internet users to engage them a little more.


Printemps relied on a selection of gifts to present during its 2021 live shopping. Advent calendars, panettone, little cookies, but also Christmas wreaths were presented during this edition. 

The little extra from Printemps? A teasing video presenting their concept for the holidays. A call to connect on their social networks to not miss anything the team has in store for customers.