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Organize your product launch in live shopping

In the digital marketing spectrum, a product launch is a crucial step to increase visibility. This opportunity also allows you to establish your legitimacy within your industry. That's why the solution to stand out even more is none other than live shopping.  

How to organize a product launch?

The product launch is an art in itself. Organization, method and rigor are required. Beyond the marketing of your product, it is necessary to think about the marketing strategy that you will establish. And for that, it is important to keep in mind the essential steps for a successful product launch. In fact, don't hesitate to take a look at our case studies to get an idea of what it's all about.

Build up the suspense

The product launch is prepared well before the actual launch on your various platforms. Building suspense consists in establishing a strategy of envy with your audience and your targets. For that, rely on communication, but the right communication. 

The event must therefore be teased through an e-mailing campaign, from the invitation, through the confirmation and ending with the reminder. On your website, this is also the time to put a video online which will always have the objective of teasing the future launch of your product or service. In this video, highlight the program, the speakers, but also the objectives of this launch.

Use live shopping to present your product

We are convinced that live shopping is now one of the best ways to communicate in an impactful way. StarShopper 's solution can be integrated into your strategies to present your product. 

Interactive, this solution allows your customers and future customers to (re)discover your brand through an online live. Offer your audience a unique user experience that will allow them to discover in depth the products they will like to acquire. 

Don't overlook the details

Digital marketing and product launches are all about detail. As we know, it is necessary to leave no chance to the competition and to stand out at every opportunity. To do this, create your product launch with a specific theme that will speak to your audience and create a sense of recognition and belonging.
The choice of presenter is also of paramount importance to the success of your product launch. Theexpertise of your team and your know-how should be highlighted. Choose a person who will be able to transmit your know-how and your values during a live shopping event. You think even bigger? Accompany your presenter with the presence of an influencer. This person will have to share your universe and this will create a relay on the social networks essential during a product launch.

Engage your audience

Use live shopping to create and offer your audience a full digital experience. As you present your products, integrate a hypertext button that will allow viewers to go directly to the product page they are interested in and make a pre-order or a quick order.
Before the end of your live show, don't hesitate to ask your audience for their opinion. These reactions, collected thanks to a word cloud for example, will allow you to know where you can improve, but also where you have torn everything apart.

Extending the commitment

Use and share the highlights of your live shopping. In the form of a short video, share short extracts on social networks and your different channels. For people who couldn't follow your live shopping, make a downloadable replay available.

Give your audience the opportunity to express themselves, even after the live event! Create a community of sharing and feedback. This detail will allow you to keep an eye on the desires, expectations or even what the audience liked. 

Why choose live shopping for your product launch? 

Throughout the year, live shopping allows you to increase and work on your brand awareness. With a defined strategy, take advantage of the excitement of a product launch and offer a more real entertainment and experience to your audience. We repeat, but focus on a unique user experience that will be THE strategy that will differentiate you from your competition. 

Starshopper, your ally for a successful live launch

As you can see, product launches are crucial to your brand image and reputation. With StarShopper, you can highlight your new products during a live shopping event where your customers will discover your new products live and online. The advantage is to make your products directly accessible on the live shopping. Your customers will no longer need to go to the store and will be able to make their purchases as soon as possible.