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Live Shopping: Find your audience

According to the Forrester study for AliExpress, the covid-19 has led to the emergence in Europe of "live shopping" and more broadly the concept of " shoppertainment " (online shopping while having fun). Consumers are indeed attracted to the Live Shopping for three main reasons: trust, price and the ability to shop online.

Customers are looking to save time, they are looking for a good deal and appreciate the wider selection of products

Stores need to evolve to keep up with this new demand and indeed, 31% of European consumers surveyed said they had significantly increased their online shopping

The importance of knowing your audience

European consumers prefer to watch live videos under 10 minutes to get important information about products and offers (50% prefer videos under 10 minutes, 25% prefer videos under 5 minutes).

The French appreciate brevity even more, with 62% preferring live video streams under 10 minutes. However, they are more impulsive and ready to buy products recommended by influencers even if they don't need them (23% vs. European average 20%).

Live Shopping Addict: The 6 profiles

Not all potential " live shopping addicts " are the same, each profile is different, but the Forrester study allows us to highlight the 6 main profiles of customers interested in live shopping.

Initially, Heavy Online Shoppers, generally men between 40 and 44 years old, they buy a lot online, rarely use social networks and watch few online videos. They are therefore less likely to respond to influencers' recommendations.

Then, the Short-Video Watchers, again men between 25 and 29 years old, they watch videos on their smartphones on a daily basis and make regular online purchases but use social networks little.

Then the Social Champions, women between 30 and 34 years old, they are daily on social networks looking for publications from friends or influencers.

Then we have the Online Dimmers, men between 40 and 44 years old, they prefer to focus on leisure and shopping in "real life". They don't care about what's going on on the internet. They are very present in France.

The Online Always, mostly women, they can't live without their smartphones, they watch daily videos, publish and buy very regularly online. This profile of people spends the most time on shopping videos.

Finally, the Binge Watchers, men between 30 and 34 years old, who watch a lot of movies online but few short videos, they consult the networks and buy online quite often.

Different behaviors in different countries

Unlike viewers in China and Southeast Asia, who are young Millennials and Generation Z, the most active live shopping consumers in Europe are more "mature", aged 32 to 43.

Forrester-AliExpress research shows that UK consumers prioritize content they can do trust and enjoy on their mobile devices. French consumers, meanwhile, look for short-form content promoted by influencers. In Spain, consumers look for actionable offers and information, and Poles value interaction with hosts/influencers and other consumers more than in other countries.