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Shoppertainment: the new e-commerce trend!

After retailtainment (in-store entertainment), the combination of entertainment and e-commerce called Shoppertainment is coming.

When we think of e-commerce, the idea of dematerialization and therefore of a limited commercial capacity inevitably comes to mind. But shoppertainment wants to break this preconceived idea that an online customer experience can only be pleasant. It can indeed be a real boost for your sales and your business It can be a real experience if it is well done; by enriching it with animations and by making it immersive.

The objective is to integrate the consumer into a immersive, interactive and above all connected.

Live Shopping is a perfect example.

What is Shoppertainment?

Combining e-commerce and animation, shoppertainment wants to become part of consumers' daily lives. The objective is to offer an interactive and immersive experience during the lives in order to ultimately reach a transaction.

The health crisis has shaken up the order of things in terms of consumption and especially online sales, with nearly 70% of those surveyed saying they are both interested in live shopping and buying much more online.

Live Shopping at the heart of your Shoppertainment strategy

It is therefore natural that live shopping is part of this movement. Provided that it provides highly scripted operations and maximizes interaction beyond the simple and obsolete teleshopping. From there, it specifically strengthens the bond with the brand by creating empathy and encourages impulsivity. Significant increase in conversion rate compared to conventional EC sites.

The good student: Alibaba

"As a pioneer in shoppertainment, AliExpress is dedicated to developing the ecosystem and creating more job opportunities in Europe, where this form of e-commerce is beginning to emerge and show its potential," said Vita Chang, head of content operations at AliExpress.

As a forerunner in the field of Shoppertainment, AliExpress is committed to innovating in European e-commerce by doubling its efforts in this area on the continent.

In France, since May 2020, AliExpress has already offered more than 3,000 live broadcasts with nearly 100 livestreamers.

AliExpress's plus point and its main strategy is that the Chinese giant recruits salespeople in stores to train them in live streamsales animation. The business of Live Streamers is becoming more and more important. They even signed partnerships with influencers companies in Spain, influencers that we know well are also a boost to sales.