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The best practices of Live Shopping

Tips for the best use of a formidable new marketing tool

Despite a potential not yet fully exploited, a study conducted by Forrester, indicates that 70% of consumers in France, the UK, Spain and Poland are now interested in this innovative and immersive online consumption mode. But, everything is still to be done.

Change the classic sales systems

Historical e-commerce sites are no longer relevant, customers are asking for change. That's why it's essential to move to a more interactive and immersive system.

Consumers' expectations are no longer the same, it is necessary to be able to interact, to attend animations, demonstrations or even to make influencers appear.

An exceptional potential.

For example, in China, 50,000 live shopping streams took place per day, with a daily audience of 260 million people in 2020. (Source: China Banking News),

Influencers like Kim Kardashian can be real sales drivers, the American star sold more than 15,000 perfumes in 1 minute during a live show.

A real commercial animation

The objective is to provide a real experience to customers, for this it is necessary to associate good animators and influencers to a real attractive, interactive, creative and innovative commercial offer.

Live Shopping is more than a simple product presentation tool. It must be a real support for the commercial animation plans by offering an immersive experience to the customers. But to develop the full potential of this new tool, it must be given the right place and become an important part of the marketing strategy.