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Live shopping is coming to Europe!

Live Shopping, a popular digital retail format in China, is beginning to attract major brand and retailer sites in the U.S. and Europe.

New trend from China

Coming from China where it would have generated more than 300 billion dollars in 2021 or 11.7% of the country's e-commerce sales, live shopping is gradually arriving in Europe and the United States.

Deriving from Live Stream, it came to light in 2016 thanks to the association of Alibaba, the world's largest e-commerce site with its online retail subsidiary Taobao. Subsequently, thanks to apps like Douyin and Taobao and the influencers they solicit, brands are getting into Live Shopping.

This has resulted in more thanone billion live in the second half of 2021 .

Little by little, influencers, production teams (make-up, sound effects, decorations...) were integrated into the creations of the Lives.

Michael Liu, senior vice president of innovation at Carat USA, a branding and integrated marketing agency said, "In Asia, it's easier for that culture [...] People there are used to ordering things online and having them delivered within minutes or later in the day."

A novelty used by all sectors of activity

The conversion rate of live shopping has reached 30%, which is 10 times higher than traditional commerce in China. Thanks to this conversion rate, almost all e-commerce players are doing live shopping in China.

The benefits of Live Shopping

Perfect for growing your sales, getting the word out about your brand and attracting new customers, especially generations Y and Z, Live Shopping is meant to be entertaining and innovative in the customer experience.

But what are the real advantages of live shopping?

The objective of live shopping is clear, to create a new kind of customer experience. During a live shopping session, we don't find the atmosphere of in-store shopping; that's why we have to focus on human interaction and animation. We must succeed in recreating this atmosphere that we all know so that the customer associates the comfort of his home with a classic visit to the store.

Indeed, live shopping is not only a sales event, it must be a real show for the customer where he can get involved. Thanks to this and to the excitement of discovering new products presented by their favorite stars, live shopping generally leads to impulse purchases.

Live shopping is a new e-commerce tool that will become essential in online sales, it will develop your reputation, boost your sales and expand your field of action.